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Chemical Patination of Gilded Surfaces

Manual of Finishes, Materials and Supplies Included.

Two Day class designed for the professional

Time  9:00 am to 4:30 PM

Total Investment                     $755.00

This is for those professionals who want to learn to chemical patination of different types of leaf, course covers Dutch Metal, Copper, Silver.

Hands On Training Of: Laying leaf from the book on to sized sample boards. Plus you will learn to use different methods of applying the most popular chemicals to create interesting patinas on the different leaf types. You leave this course with a complete portfolio of  about 18 different patina leaf samples. This is a very popular course, metallic finishes are one of the hottest looks on the market!

Metal Leaf Chemical Patination is designed for beginning to advanced gilders who have little or no experience working with patinas.

This class will take you above what you ever thought could be accomplished and will send you on your way to being one of the elite gilders in your area. This course is limited in size, paced to your skill level and very in depth.

You are provided a Manual for this course, so you don't have to spend a lot of time taking notes.

As a service to our students, AGDS stocks all the tools and supplies should you decide to pursue this very popular trend.