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Replying to Original Article:
In an earlier forum, Ross commented on aspects of acquiring more work for a professional Faux Finisher by stating that
"There are words that should never be used in the course of a conversation with the client( example - contract, commission, sell, and many others they produce negative responses from the client we teach you words to use instead that produce a level of comfort to the client". I would like to know how can a person avoid using the word "contract" during the first consultation and why should that be?
You refer to it as the paperwork or other words we teach in our business class instead so it sounds less confrontational because everyone is taught to avoid contracts as they invision lawyers and conflict associated with the word.
Any Publication for the industry
I've been searching the net and cannot find any magazine publications or newsletters to subscribe to about faux painting. I'm a beginner but want to read something other than books to help me get ideas. Is there anything in print out there?

Here are several:
The Faux Finisher by the PDRA (go to
PaintPro call 877 935 8906
PWC (Paint and Wall covering Contractor) go to
This is the official publication of the PDCA
American Painting Contractor 888 246 8484
The Artistic Stenciler, the publication of the Stencil Artisans League. Go to for more info
The Society of Gilders
All of the above magazines feature helpful info on faux finishes, venetian plasters, business issues, etc.