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Our classes are the Professionals choice!

What they said they like best about our classes.

The little intangibles.

Things I had no expectations of like different product working techniques stories about problems and successes with different products.

I liked that you felt so free to share your knowledge without holding back anything.

Class moved at a good pace, fast enough to cover a lot yet not too fast that you could not comprehend what was going on it was perfect!

Love the fact that we used so many different mediums it really expanded my knowledge of the trade.

It was great learning from some one with so many years of practical experience.

With so many of the school's teaching part time because they don't have enough work to keep them self's busy I felt I made the right choice!

This class jump started my business by at least 5 years probability more!

I actually learn what causes things to do what they do and in doing so gained a much better understanding of how to correct things that go wrong.

The interaction with the instructor. Was by far the best school I've been to as far as course content and instructor ability.

The business class was the best I've attended... it covered A to Z about the business end of the trade. Not just highlights.

I've done the product base school before and it left me feeling empty, but your class filled me to the brim!

Although I've been with the Park Service for many years this class really opened my eyes to what can be done with decorative painting.

It was a very humbling experience for me. I've considered myself a darn good painter for many years, but to see the easy and speed you worked was unbelievable to me. You were able to keep the class moving at a steady pace while catching the mistakes the eight of us were unknowingly making and correcting us.

Just when I thought my sample was ruined beyond repair... in a matter of seconds and a few swift strokes of your brush you changed it to a masterpiece.

Your traditional medium for graining was the best I've ever worked with. It has changed my outlook into what graining is all about WOW!

I have found my love and its gilding you covered such a complex and difficult subject .... PERFECTLY!!!

I wish I could just hang with you for and couple of years at  least... you spew information constantly about all aspects of the trade!

Can you believe it was 10 years ago I took my first class, I've never met anyone who was more sincere in passing on knowledge then you.

Hey your my rock... I've hired you to pull me out of jams, called you to teach me stuff I've told customers I could do when I had no idea, what can I say, You the Man!!!

The class was great, plenty of samples and the fact I got to work on actual surfaces just made it all complete.

Well you better start up some new classes because there are only a couple I haven't taken yet ... and I'm getting use to seeing you. Also I think it is a great thing you do for the children. I guess your right the more you give the more you get... if others had that outlook the world would be a better place.

Love the country atmosphere I was expecting some warehouse on the seedy part of town. Learned way more that I imagined.

I've attended both large and a few smaller classes with you and your enthusiasm and interest in teaching what you know is always the same way beyond what is expected.

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